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wow unbelievable interest. I’ll deal with one at a time.

Joseph: Where have you seen that indicates there are as many 22 yr old boys as 19 yr old girls. That isn’t indicated in the census stats.

Just smile: “I’m a single Yeshiva guy – going out for a little while now” Precisely. The boys who are new to dating are not on anybody’s database. HOWEVER the boys who have been dating 5 yrs ARE. Yet the numbers of girls in the database that have been dating for 5 years outnumbers the numbers of boys by the thousands. That’s why we took a look at OLDER singles in the databases.

“I don’t need every shnook shadchan…. I have enough people doing that without the lists. But a girl, who it could be a year between dates”

I’m sure you are one of a kind and have everyone calling to redd you shiddcuhim, as are every one of your friends. Kind of interesting that you write “But a girl, who it could be a year between dates”

If the boys date every week and the girls once a year, who are the boys dating?????? Obviously there are many many more girls in the pool than boys!!

Tzippi: Last I checked Saw you at Sinai Yu connect, Invei hagefen Gateways aren’t based on a Lakewood trajectory. The reason I use lakewood is simply because it is the single largest collection of dating boys and it is the easiest to get statistics from there.

SJSinNYC: No one can claim to know who the basherte is. This is subject to a huge discussion of which to be honest is not relevant to alleviating the crisis. However if bas ploni l’ploni means that everyone married their basherte than please explain all the older single girls with no one to match up with. Who is their Ploni?????? He got married to someone!

BYTW: The arizl rights that bas ploni l’ploni is only till 18.