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Avram in MD


Companies caught doing such things pay a bigger price than what was saved.

This is not about being “caught”, and there would be no price paid whatsoever by Starbucks.

In the release you quoted, Starbucks labels this program a “service”, not a guarantee, promise, or even a policy. It’s no different than the “sugar in the raw” packets they provide as an alternative to the “regular” processed sugar packets for those who prefer natural foods. Unless they were guaranteeing cholov Yisroel milk, nobody would get in trouble if they switched it out, and they probably wouldn’t lose any business (this is an attempt to drum up business, not retain it). So I agree with DaasYochid. This is a very nice gesture on the part of Starbucks and a sign that they do research on their consumers, but it doesn’t really change the calculus as far as kashrus and CY go.