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to all those who argue that “money will run dry” – I agree that “al pi teva” it does seem that way, but please realize that all money belongs to Our Father in heaven and He gives and He takes whether you work or not “

Dveykus with all due respect – you are admirably an eishes chayil and your husband is lucky to have you, but you are also being a little naive when you state what you did. None of us is privy to Hashem’s Cheshbonos. Hashem gives money to people who earn it. If they sit and do nothing all day, or if they sit and learn all day, if SOMEONE is not earning something to pay the bills, eventually they will starve. There is no money tree in my backyard, and I would think presumably not in yours, either.

We believe that our parnassah is decreed Rosh Hashanah time, but that does not exempt us from responsibility for our hishtadlus in earning it. Out zivugim are decreed before we are even born. But if a girl sits in her house and never goes out on a date, chances are highly unlikely her zivug will walk up to her door and say, “I’m your zivug, let’s get married!” Likewise, though one’s parnassah may in fact be a Gezairah, you have NO idea HOW that Gezairah is meant to be implemented. The only person who got a freebie in life was Odom Harishon, and look how he messed that up. When that happened, Hashem Said, “No more food stamps,” (or something like that.. you get the idea…).

I recommend that ALL young couples who have a similar hashkafa as Dveykus, should have a good shmuz with their Rov and ask him if the money will fall from the sky for them. They might be surprised by the answer.

As for being spiritually intact – well, it is easy to be a good Yid when you ONLY live in a Torah bubble. But that is NOT what Hashem Told us to do. Lo baShamayim Hee. We have to learn how to remain spiritually intact in this world, so that we are worthy of the Next One. That does not come from removing ourselves from the world around us, but rather by living in it in a way that makes it a better place. JMO.