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Lilmod ulelamaid, I was extremely disturbed by something you wrote. I realize everyone here is just having fun and nobody knows (for the most part) who anyone is. Nobody with a drop of seichel or integrity is using the CR to pasken shailos or solve their hashkafic dilemmas.

Still, you write that you teach Halacha and Hashkafa, and then you drop a bombshell like that on us- I couldn’t let it pass.

You begin by quoting what a poseik told you, namely, “Hashem doesn’t want us to be depressed,” in a discussion about text messaging. Then you extrapolate from this statement what your Rav would say about eye shadow. And you don’t even have the good grace to express any doubt or hesitation. You “are positive he would tell you…”

First of all:

You never ever try to draw comparisons and determine Halachic rulings from what a Rav tells you; not for yourself in different circumstances and definitely not for anybody else. The psak Halacha you received is to be regarded as binding for you in your present circumstances and that’s as far as it goes. If you are told the spoon is Kosher that does Not mean your neighbor’s spoon is also kosher. If you are expecting twins and are in your twenty-sixth week, and you receive instructions from your Rav as to how you should handle Tisha B’Av, you absolutely may not pass on this advice to your sister who is in exactly the same position.

It is far more than presumptuous of you to say that you are positive what your Rav would say about any Dvar Halacha. Hopefully your Rav is completely familiar with 4 Chelkei Shulchan Aruch and the full body of Torah literature that expounds upon it. He has watched and listened to his own Rabbayim. You cannot fathom the calculations that go into a seemingly simple psak. There is no way you can extrapolate from what he told you, what his opinion is on something else.

I know the subject is just a simple bit of eye shadow. But I could not ignore your statement. Especially in light of the fact that you state you are a mechanech or mechaneches.

End rant.