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I don’t understand why are boys who smoke going OTD? Just because they don’t believe that smoking causes cancer they are OTD. You are bring proof from a magazine would you say the same for parent who refuse to get their children vaccinated.

I don’t smoke nor does anyone in my family, but my son-in law does. He is a good husband and only smokes outside the house or car and never in front of the children. Girls who limit themselves to those who don’t smoke may miss marrying their Bershet.

I am assuming smoking is referring to tobacco and not a smoking hot boy meaning very handsome boy.

You might want to buy a life insurance policy on this boy they are very cheap at this age.

Joseph: What this thing with left at the Alter. You know the Temple was destroyed 2000 years ago. Perhaps it’s referring to the groom who is stoned with candies as it says “From my Alter they will take him out to be executed”. I think you meant that they would even get engaged.