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I’m simply pointing out the ridiculousness of your assertion. You like Sparkly want to pasul (call OTD) those that smoke. My guess is you watch TV, like Sparkly. The gedolim call that assur. Does that make you and Sparkly OTD?

No where in rabbinic literature have I seen a definition of OTD that revolves around smoking. But I have seen a definition revolving around TV. In regards to the issur of yichud a parutz does not count in terms of negating the issur yichud. There are those that hold that watching TV qualifies you as a parutz.

I was just in Israel. Spent time learning at the Mir. It seemed like half the yeshiva smokes. Disgusting, a little. But I’m betting they have much more yiras shemayim then those on this site casting aspersions on their frumkeit.