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Ben Levi


I think that we disagree on numerous points.

1) Allowing prayer in public schools is not “infringingg” on my rights unless I am obligated to join in. What does infringe is not allowing others to pray that is disallowing them to pray as they wish when they wish.

2) I am unaware of where exactly they wish to limit Muslims ability to practice their religion, unless you are referring to the Ground Zero Mosque? If you are I am wondering what you would feel about Muslims opening a Mosque on the same site as the Number 2 bus bombing in Israel?

3) Displaying Ten Commandments statues on public property in no way “infringes” on my beliefs, it does not force me to acknowledge it, to believe in it or any such thing.

All of those things simply require the minority to allow the majority in this country to practice and acknowledge their religion.

However what does “infringe” in a real way on my ability to practice my religion is forcing me to provide a pill that my religion says is wrong.

What does infringe is forcing me to provide services to ceremonies that my religion prohibits me from taking part in in any way.

You see tolerance is when I am asked to simply respect others without being forced to partake.

Intolerance is when I am forced to partake in what I wish to refrain.