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“When I wrote they “have No right”, you misinterpreted that I meant no legal right, what I meant No moral right!”

not quite. See here:

I said “”The court interprets the law. That is their role.”

You replied: “Who says? If the law says “Religious accommodation” and they said not more than “de minimus”. Who says that what it means? I say no matter what!”

To which I have been replying several times. It doesnt matter what you say. The court’s role as defined by the constitution is to interpret the law. Of course some of their interpretation wont fit with yours or mine for that matter. In fact in most cases their are even supreme court justices, often as many as 4 who disagree with the court’s interpretation. That doesnt mean every time the court’s interpretation doesnt agree with yours its “just like in Germany”

You are also ignoring the part of the law i keep pointing out, and that you quoted earlier religious accommodation is not absolute. It is only employer’s job to “reasonably accommodate” You keep ignoring this point, much like when you were asked several times regarding how many jobs you need listed that allow for Shabbos observance (earlier you said there was one)