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“From your previous post: “no fake dates,””

Fair enough. Though I meant fake as in irrelevant dates because we werent discussing District courts so those dates were irrelevant. Perhaps “Fake” was poor choice of words. I was wrong to phrase it that way. (Of course the dates may be literally fake too, but I dont know that to be the case)

“You’re right! But in your case, I’ll make an exception!”

thats terrible, work on yourself be nice to ALL senile people

“I don’t care about your Moshol,”

You dont have to, its still the truth. The physician who forgot the heart pumops blood never really studies medicine, much as the online poster who “forgot” a macromolecule is still a molecule never knew what he was talking about either

Sadly the rest of your post was just my nonsense without your erudite commentary.

This question in particular I was hoping to have answered:

you said: “Why do you keep posting your lies?!? Is it because you can never be wrong?!?”

you also said “I didn’t say never!!!(” in response to “Can you now admit that when you said I dont admit to being wrong, you were in fact wrong?”)

I dont see how you can reconcile these too staments.

Do I sometimes admit when wrong yes or no?

Oh and as for the original task…

my search is complete I have exhausted all known search engines and your supreme court case simply never took place not in 2006 nor withing 5 years before or after. (There isnt a single case regarding Shabbos observence at all in the 2000’s)

As I suspected you have been lying aS usual