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write or wrong

Imaofthree-I never used to buy him cigarettes, and even now that things are so tight financially, I usually don’t. But in a sick sort of way, if I don’t ‘give’ him anything, then what will ever make him feel connected to his parents again? He seems to reject everything I offer him. In my opinion, kids only develop a love for their parents bc we constantly give to them. Well now, for some reason, my son won’t accept most things from me. Food, which is such a nurturing thing, he completely rejects. The WHOLE Shabbos, he ate nothing but junk food. So yes, every once in a while, I’ll buy him cigarettes, and hope that one day, he’ll have the sense to quit. But in the meantime, I’m trying to re-establish the connection with him, hoping that one day, me and my husband will become important to him again…

My husband is going to make some inquiries for a possible job for him. And you’re right, Baruch Hashem he is alive and healthy, and I am thankful for that.