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Oh Shreck!

OK, I don’t want to hijack this important thread with these arguments, let me try a quickie (I really have to get back to my cleaning..)

1) a black hat and all other minor nuances of our religion have nothing to do with evolution or invention of the essence of Orthodox Judisiam. Just another flavor, another expression of service to our same Creator. No, nothing new at all. They all worshiped our one and only G-d.

2) I really don’t know what you want from the Chasam Sofer. So many other Torah giants in his day were all against haskalah. He invented NOTHING. Again, nothing was construed, innovated, originated. Last I know, the Rema was Orthodox. So was Rambam. Rashi too. Ravina and Rav Ashi. Again they may have said different piyutim than us, different minhagim, but they were all directed with a fundamental motivation – towards the service of G-d.