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Joseph: Every frum magazine and website from our own YWN, the Aguda affiliated Cross Currents, to Mishpacha. Better yet, what Rav or gadol supports them, because they clearly have no da’as Torah.

I did not speak with them and my only interactions was occasionally running into frum naqib-clad women in Rockland Kosher 10 years ago. But virtually everyone who’s last name isn’t “Frankfurter” that had any interaction with them confirms the allegations. I don’t have the Ami article in front of me, but you clearly do. Frankfurter asks him about the teenage marriages and children being taken from their homes. Can you post what the LT guru responds to that?

And again, Ami didn’t address a lot of the accusations, like members not being allowed to work outside the commune, or the schools teaching only the stuff that the guru wrote, or the guru not actually having much experience in terms of learning. And, like I said, even Ami had at one point written an article attacking them.

In general we say that the burden of proof is on the accuser, but in this case there are about a dozen or so accusers (some frum some secular) and one very shakey defense. So I’m going to ignore the ??? ???? on this one. You’re more than welcome to keep defending them, but so long as your defense consists of “Come on guys! Be dan l’kaf z’chus!” I’m going to ask you to extend that to all Jews, including Meyer Lansky, Lepke Buchalter, Madoff, Gilad Atzmon, the entirety of the Israeli government, and all those horrific college going working people.