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I can’t believe a frum Jew would support Trump.

He supports closing borders. Closed borders have resulted in millions of our people dying. Our very existence depends upon open borders.

He used bankruptcy laws to extort the people who lend money to his projects into accepting equity interest in the projects rather than paying them back as agreed. He has done this enough times that it is fair to characterize it as a strategy. He actually has sufficient wealth to have paid his creditors rather than to have stiffed them. This is so unethical that it is almost impossible to describe; he really should be looking at residence in prison rather than at the White House.

And his most prominent businesses are gambling casinos and beauty pageants — things that represent the worst of what secular society has to offer.

If many frum Jews end up supporting Trump it will be proof that orthodoxy is no barrier to assimilation. And the assimilation will be the worst kind — on the inside, rather than the outside.