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Letakein Girl

The reason Trump has been the front runner among Republicans is because he, unlike every other Republican presidential candidate, knows how to manipulate people’s emotions, thereby creating the irrational support for him that is obvious in this thread.

Please think logically! Whoever heard the first Republican debate will agree with what I am saying. When Trump was asked about his policies on things like immigration and health care, he had nothing to say. When asked why he funded so many Democrats for so many years, he had nothing to say. (He said he donated money to Hillary Clinton so that she’d come to his wedding!)

The only time Donald has anything logical to say is when he is combatting the political correctness that been driving people crazy lately.

In a time where Iran is poised to gain nuclear power with permission and practically support from people like President Obama, we should not be combatting political correctness. We should be focussing on the real problems in this country and around the world.

I’ve heard Ben Shapiro, editor in chief of Breitbart.con speak about this several times. Please google for his analysis of Donald Trump; it is fascinating.