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Person1 If the date is going bad and the boy has no idea what to talk about you are advising the boy to hop in a minyan to kill some time and try to get ideas as to what to talk about. Landua’s in Flatbush or Shomer Shabbos in Boro Park have minyanim for Mincha every 15 minutes from about 1:30 PM until Shkia. Does anyone know if the ladies section is open for ladies for Mincha during the week at Landua’s

LU – I am pretty sure you are a female, sometimes you give me the impression you are a twenty something and married other times you seem to be single. I don’t really care what you are. I am not a Shadchin nor a therapist, I am a father and husband who is 60+ and if I met you on the street I would not be having this conversation . I got married when I was 28 and was over the hill so I know how you feel. But when you say you would rather feed camels than go on a date you are portraying negativity which I think the boys feel and it turns them off. Today everyone has a resume, only accept dates with those who you have common goals with. Many older single boys have trouble making conversation so if you keep the conversation going with both parties participating I think the boy would greatly appreciate it. Hopefully,if you are single, may you meet your Chasson this year. Just make sure he wants a wife who is his equal not a cook and maid who is his slave.

I am basing these comments on my interpretation which maybe far from the truth. I prefer this being anonymous so please don’t reveal any information that can identify you as it would be awkward if we met. I am sorry if any of my comments can be interpreted as offensive. Wishing everyone a Gmar Chasama Tova.