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All the name calling in the world won’t help your cause.

As American politicians sink lower and lower, people keep saying how frustrated they are, and how disgusted they are, and how disconnected they feel. People want change. That was even a campaign slogan once.

Here you have someone who stands up and says I can do better. He is transparent, he is different, he is famous, he is interesting, he is exciting. People want that more than they want another bland corporate puppet chanting tired and empty slogans.

I believe Trump will be interesting. I do not believe for one second that he will discriminate against Muslims or against Hispanics. I do not believe that he will build a wall with Mexico, but even if he does I don’t believe he will ever even suggest declaring war on Mexico to pay for it. That is just an absurd fabrication by the media to manipulate the weak minded.

If nothing else, as I’ve said before, I prefer Trump to any of the politicians simply because at this point it clear that anyone who is capable of getting himself elected president has no business being president.