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Lilmod Ulelamaid

“Joseph why do you assume this other party need to do teshuva be dan lekaf zchus are you so perfect you do not need to worry about yourself>?”

When I daven Shemona Esrei, by Hashiveinu, I have a list of people that I daven for asking that Hashem help them to do teshuva. I consider it to be part of “v’ahavta l’raiecha kamocha” just like I daven for a refuah shelaima for specific people in refainu.

I always put my own name first: 1. so it shouldn’t sound gaivadik & 2. because I do care more about myself than other people, and I am more scared of my going to gehhnom, c”v, than I am of others.

At the same time, it would be really selfish for me to stop with myself and not to daven for others as well.

Amongst others, I include some of the Israeli politicians. Instead of getting mad at them all the time, I figured it’s more productive to daven for them.