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BTW, Winnie just to answer some of your questions (though I dont expect to convince you or anybody)

“improved the view of US abroad- really? where?”

France, Germany, ITaly,Poland, Spain, UK, Turkey, ISrael (!!), Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Chile, MExico, PEru among others

Interestingly not Russia (46% favoribilty in 2008 -> 15% in 2015)

From PEw research center. Now you can quibble as to whether this is an acomplishment , who cares what the world thinks of us, but the data is pretty clear that the world has a more favorable view of the U.S. than it did in 2008.

“delayed Iran getting a nuclear weapon. now they have become legitimate and will for sure get one within the decade,”

Seems like a win. Netanyahui has repeatedly said they were “months away” from nuclear weapons. IT is now more than “months” since then and no nuclear weapons. Seems like a success to me (not saying ti is perfect)

“health care reform- some people are better off, most are worse off. “

I have never heard anybody say “most are worse off” Granted it isnt perfect. And nobody claims it brought the “country to bankruptcy”

“stock market is up- hasn’t it been going up since the 1980s, with exception of a few dips here and there? In the 1990s in jumped from 5000 to 15000.”

Yep Bill Clinton was a good president too, but this isnt about him. As Donald Trump said in 2004 ” The economy does better under the Democrats” (Luckily he has been a democrat for most of his life, so I am keeping my fingers crossed)

“boosted us auto industry- you mean bailed them out at huge tax-payer expense.”