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    This topic is about what Obama did that was good for the country and what he should have done better.


    can’t think of even 1 thing he did good for this country. he was 8 dead years for the USA & went negative to doing bad for the country.

    i dare you to find me even 1 good thing he did for the entire country


    I have to give Obama kudos for making it possible for the Republicans to be in control of the presidency and congress.


    Health: Why are you asking this? If you feel he did good, please tell us.


    i can find a good thing!he made Trump run for president.


    MA – Maybe I should rephrase it – Did Obama do anything good for this country?


    simple answer is NO


    I would be interested on any Democrat opinions on this question.



    I am a liberal Democrat, but I don’t speak for the party, I can only speak for myself. There are many accomplishments during the Obama administration that benefited the country and/or its inhabitants.

    #1 Recovery from the GW Bush financial meltdown of 2007/8

    Stock market and employment up, mortgage rates down, funds available for business and personal borrowing

    #2 Affordable Care Act (often called Obamacare). I for one have had my monthly premiums go down $600, benefited from being able to have my over 18 and under 26 year old daughters remain on my policy and elimination of expense caps. Mrs. CTL just had her 11th surgery this year with another next week. Our policy has now paid out more than $2 million, it used to have a $1 million cap

    #3 Normalization of relationship with Cuba. This is a benefit to both populations and business. I look forward to a visit there. I was last there in 1959. My wife has distant relatives there who couldn’t get US entry visas in 1940 but got into Cuba. It has been hard to get supplies and money to them for decades, now it is quite easy. I no longer have to get Canadian friends to handle this for us.

    There are many more items, but I am not writing a treatise in defense of the President. All administrations accomplish things that some people like and others do not.


    Georgie in case you are really interested (I know the OP he isnt really interested) here are but a few in no particular order:

    Health care reform

    Wall street reform

    unemployment cut in half

    deficit cut by three quarters

    Boosted US auto industry

    stock market is up

    doubled clean energy production

    Killed bin Laden

    signed largest aide package to ISrael

    Iron Dome

    Got rid of Bush’s torture policies

    improved the view of US abroad

    Delayed IRan getting a nuclear weapon

    Further reduction in US and Russia’s nuclear arsenals

    Expanded stem cell research


    I think a lot of people would disagree with a lot of the things on the list.


    improved the view of US abroad- really? where?- Cuba? Iran? maybe Russia, because with the US failed mid-east policy created a vacuum for them to fill.

    delayed Iran getting a nuclear weapon. now they have become legitimate and will for sure get one within the decade, maybe sooner, with backing from the rest of the world.

    health care reform- some people are better off, most are worse off. Great to “fix” a system for the benefit of a few and bring the country to bankruptcy in the process.

    stock market is up- hasn’t it been going up since the 1980s, with exception of a few dips here and there? In the 1990s in jumped from 5000 to 15000.

    boosted us auto industry- you mean bailed them out at huge tax-payer expense.



    Winnie of course people would argue with a lot on the list.

    Im sure some would argue with all on the list.

    We have a country of over 3oo million people. I doubt you can point to any accomplishment by any president and have all of them view it as positive.


    BTW, Winnie just to answer some of your questions (though I dont expect to convince you or anybody)

    “improved the view of US abroad- really? where?”

    France, Germany, ITaly,Poland, Spain, UK, Turkey, ISrael (!!), Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Chile, MExico, PEru among others

    Interestingly not Russia (46% favoribilty in 2008 -> 15% in 2015)

    From PEw research center. Now you can quibble as to whether this is an acomplishment , who cares what the world thinks of us, but the data is pretty clear that the world has a more favorable view of the U.S. than it did in 2008.

    “delayed Iran getting a nuclear weapon. now they have become legitimate and will for sure get one within the decade,”

    Seems like a win. Netanyahui has repeatedly said they were “months away” from nuclear weapons. IT is now more than “months” since then and no nuclear weapons. Seems like a success to me (not saying ti is perfect)

    “health care reform- some people are better off, most are worse off. “

    I have never heard anybody say “most are worse off” Granted it isnt perfect. And nobody claims it brought the “country to bankruptcy”

    “stock market is up- hasn’t it been going up since the 1980s, with exception of a few dips here and there? In the 1990s in jumped from 5000 to 15000.”

    Yep Bill Clinton was a good president too, but this isnt about him. As Donald Trump said in 2004 ” The economy does better under the Democrats” (Luckily he has been a democrat for most of his life, so I am keeping my fingers crossed)

    “boosted us auto industry- you mean bailed them out at huge tax-payer expense.”



    Obama was criticized for having very little experience, and now he looks like an expert on being president comparatively. That being said, I’ve scratched by brain for what he’s done that I’ve felt is good:

    1. One component of Obamacare – extending our children’s medical coverage until the age of 26.

    a. However, once they pass that age, if they’re still learners, they’re often stuck without coverage (unless they qualify for Medicaid). Obamacare in NY State is very expensive!

    2. Recognizing Cuba – IMHO there was no real reason, post-Cold War, to keep up the sanctions. However, I read recently that Castro is cozying up to Iran. That’s bad.


    I don’t have a very high opinion of Obama (voted against him twice), but our choices in the 2016 election made me rue the 22nd amendment. That said, it’s hard to argue against all the provisions of Obamacare, especially the extension of children’s coverage to age 26 and the requirement that insurance companies cover people with pre-existing conditions. I suspect that Trumpcare will include these, else the Republican dominion will be short-lived.

    And as ubiquitin pointed out, he arranged for the liquidation of Osama Bin Laden.


    One thing people are forgetting is that he did a lot to prevent nuclear weapons materials from falling into the hands of AlQueida and the like. It’s hard to know if they would have gotten a hold of such materials without his efforts but it’s known that they were trying very hard and almost succeeded a few times and he persuaded a lot of countries to increase their protection.


    Under whose presidency did Pollard get out, in spite of the strong objections of most of the top people in the security establishment? Also the ACA has saved a lot of lives by giving hospitals incentives to use previously known but ignored procedures to prevent infections–look up Dr. Peter Pronovost’s work. Under BO US Israeli military cooperation reached an all time high.


    por, it’s true that Pollard was released during Obama’s term, but it was primarily because the law stated that he pretty much had to be released on parole. Obama refused to overturn the onerous conditions of his parole (travel restriction, no internet access).


    “what he should have done better”

    Now the second half!

    He did not address Crime in the US.

    His hometown of Chicago, is a very violent city.

    This is – in spite of extreme use of Gun Control!


    after 4 years what has trump accomplished?

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