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I have never been to Ramat Beit Shemesh and have no idea what type of population lives there or how it dresses. This thread reminded me though of another “not tznius bubbe” who I accidently met this past summer. While waiting in Monticello for the heimishe bus back to Brooklyn, a car pulled up and asked if anyone wanted a ride back to Brooklyn. The man seemed nice enough and I took him up on his offer. Once in the car, I had the pleasure of meeting his wife, a very not tznius bubbe. I quickly learned a lesson in not judging people when they started telling me about their family. Turns out, this “not tznius bubbe” supports 3 sons in law and 1 son who are learning in Kollel. Perhaps she was not raised the same way as girls are today and does not have an appreciation for what tznius means. I dont know, and I cant change someone else. Is her support for her childrens torah for naught because she dresses inappropriately? thats not for me to answer, that is for the beis din shel maalah. If I was her Rav or confidant, I would think about how to approach her manner of dress. Until then, I can only assume she doesnt know better, or simply does not have an appreciation for tznius because she was never taught to appreciate it.

While I do not have a solution, I do believe it is safe to say that hyperbole such as referring to how they dress as “non-jewish high school girls” is nothing short of inflammatory and will solve nothing. As an aside, to illustrate just how foolish a comment this is, this is what is considered an acceptable standard for non jewish high school girls, (this is from an article from the San Jose Mercury News, you can google it if you like) …. “the move to make cheerleaders wear sweats under their uniforms was enforced so they could fall in line with a dress code that requires all skirts or shorts to stretch lower than mid-thigh”. Hyperbole, it gets nobody anywhere, fast.