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am yisrael chai

Post in stores’ dressing rooms, shul mailings, or wherever something cutesy but non-judgmental so that the reader can hear it. E.g.,



You know fashion designers like Vera Wang and Bill Blass

Who are considered Kings and Queens of elite fashion class

Whose goal is that their designs cause people to turn and stare

Who dictate to the rest of the world the current fashion flair

One year it’s slits, one year it’s tight

One year it’s short, to men’s delight

Exposing collarbones, elbows and knees

To the delight of any man who sees

They’ve apparently run short of fabric

On either side of the Atlantic

How can women be so blind

So as not to know the human male’s mind

Men are very visual creatures

So please cover your G-d given features

G-d is the BIGGEST fashion Designer

Who wants you to look refined and finer

He wants you to be attractive but not to attract

For you to be elegant but not to distract

You’re Hashem’s precious daughter whom He has blessed

So please Thank Him by the way you are dressed