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MA, what about those of us who try to live a frum life where we say “this is the correct way FOR ME”? I don’t expect Daas Yochid to live his life like me, and I don’t think he is wrong for living it the way he does.

I try to look at others and accept that what they are doing is correct FOR THEM”

Where it gets complicated is where some take the obligation to have a good hashpo’oh on others to say YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!” as opposed to “YOU MAY WANT TO CONSIDER DOING THINGS THIS WAY”

And where it gets even harder to find the right approach is where another Jew is doing something he or she feels is the Torah way which infringes on the choices of another Jew to find their own derech.

That’s what I find the hardest. It is where I often enough fail to demonstrate the tolerance I seek by condemning what I see as their intolerance. What I see. To them it may not be intolerance, or to them the intolerance is justified by Torah. I am challenged to reconcile that with my outlook, and I think we all could benefit from being don l’kaf zchus more often.