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Two men are walking together. After a bit of time one asked the other:

“I notice that your are limping. Have you got problems with your feet?”

“No” said the other, “the sole of one of my shoes has come loose, and I can’t afford to have it fixed, or buy new shoes”.

“Oy” said the first one, taking a thick wad of $20 notes out of his pocket “I can’t let you go further like that. Let me help you”.

“No” said the other “how could I accept that from you?”

“Come on” came the reply “isn’t that what good friends are for? Please let me help you”.

“Well, I’m very grateful” said the second one.

Without any further ado, the first one slipped the rubber band of the wad, gave it to his friend and said: “Here, put this around your shoe. It should keep the sole in place”!