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“So far we have citations from the Chazon Ish, the Chofetz Chaim (in Machne Yisroel), Rav Kanievsky (in Ishei Yisrael) and the Pele Yoetz that one should maintain their beard and shouldn’t shave. Is their any heter anywhere that can be cited that does allow a Yid to forgo his beard?”

Strictly, halachicly, speaking. In these citations it is not said that it is ASSUR to shave, please quote from the above that it is ASSUR to do so ( i think it says it, or it speaks strongly about not doing it doesnt cut it). As such a heter is not needed to for something that is not assur.

As an aside, I was approached by my Rabbeim a number of times in my yeshiva years when I was lazy and didnt shave or take a haircut and asked in a joking manner “did you take on nezirus?”