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“On another thread someone (not myself) said the Chazon Ish said he would almost vomit when he saw a Yid without a beard.” (Helpful said)

“the chazon ish would vomit when he saw bochurim without beards ” (Astrix said)

Saying one feels like ALMOST vomiting is a personal expression of disgust or distaste for something. I almost vomit when I see certain types of people acting drunk and disorderly in public. If that is what the CI said, he was expressing his contempt for the practice of men shaving.

However, that is not the same as saying he actually DID vomit when seeing someone beardless (which is a rather extreme physical reaction). So I could definitely understand the source quoting the CI indicating that he FELT like vomiting when witness to a beardless bochur, but that does not support a quote that he DID in fact, vomit. So which is it, what are the actual words of the sources quoted?