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The Chazon Ish’s shitah, as to what I heard from Rav SZ Auerbach is he had put ink on his hand, and used a machine, which was able to clean up the ink blot, which was proof that it is haschasa, which is a similar opinion of Rav Elyasuv’s as well.

Rav Kanievsky’s approach is clearly a haskafa approach regarding growing beards, similar to chassidish approach.

Rav Shach used the Chafetz Chayim as a kal vechomer to assur modern day shavers.

Regarding Kabbalah, as I stated before, the Ramchal apparently was clean shaven, Reb Deblitzky is mentioned previously as well. The “MilkMan” also is clean shaven. However, the vast majority of mukubalim are against touching one’s beard whatsoever. That includes the Bab Sali, Rav Sheinberg – he told my brother this very clearly; and almost all the mekubalim I’m familiar with.