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A) Is it permissible to interrupt someone’s davening to ask for the page number?

A1) Man

A2) Woman

B) Is it permissible to noticeably peer over into that person’s page to get the page number?

B1) Man

B2) Woman

C) Is it permissible to show someone else the page in your book, pointing to the number, and/or whisper the number during davening?

C1) Man

C2) Woman

D) Is it permissible to hand someone your siddur, which is open to the proper page, and get another siddur for yourself while davening?

D1) Man

D2) Woman

E) Is it permissible to take the last siddur when you see someone else is going to the siddur shelf at the same time?

E1) Man

E2) Woman

F) Is it permissible to tuck in someone of the same gender’s clothing tag that is sticking out while davening (in the case that this person is close enough to you and he/she would appreciate the gesture)?

F1) Man

F2) Woman