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Lilmod Ulelamaid

Iacisrmma – if the war weren’t still raging, she would never have started that thread asking about ankle high shoes and specifically wanting to know if there were any halachic issues involved, and she would never have started this thread asking for advice on how to get through school, and she would never have started a thread asking if there are any halachic problems with her remaining friends with the her neighbor with whom she has been friends with her whole life.

That one was particularly impressive, especially considering the fact that is having such a hard time socially, and even thinking of giving up this friendship must have been very difficult for her. We are clearly talking about a real bas aliyah here – a girl who despite a lot of challenges, is trying really hard to grow and not to do anything against halacha.

She was honest enough to admit that it is hard for her not to break rules. It is great that she can admit her weaknesses. She should be commended for it and not criticized. It is great that she knows what her motivations and challenges are.

The reason she had mentioned that in the first place was because she was defending her school. Someone had criticized the school for making these rules that girls will break, so she defended the school by saying that she is the only one who has a hard time following the rules. It is very commendable that she was able to acknowledge that instead of blaming the school.