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Lilmod Ulelamaid

It seems to me that this thread is L”H since it is about a real person who was actually named and posters are saying that she is doing something assur.

Even if you want to say that it’s l’toeles, that would only be the case if the people involved in the discussion (or at least those saying that what she is doing is wrong) were reliable Poskim who could posken this (or at least reliable sources of passing on piskei halacha). Since we don’t know who they are, they are not reliable as far as we are concerned (even if they may be in real life).

And even if they were, I’m not sure it’s okay, since: 1. There may be other opinions, and 2. It’s unlikely anyone here needs this information, and if it’s nogeiah l’maaseh, they should ask their own sheilah (not in the CR).