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Geordie613: That’s very cool! Never knew that. Thanks 🙂

takahmamash: If you were sending something really really important* to Israel from the US, would you write everything but Israel in Hebrew?

It’s going from America to who knows to Israel. I feel like it will be more accepted and directed if it’s in a language that at least one person hopefully in the Post Office can read.

What if at some point, G-d forbid, Israel is scratched out or rubbed off or the packaging gets damaged, the rest of the address could look like chicken scratch to someone who doesn’t read Hebrew. Imho, chas v’shalom it could be more likely to be tossed to the side.

*Of course very important, but it’s not something of tangible value so there is no insurance, in such a case that I am describing, for this piece of mail that comes deeply from the heart.

…. So yes. It could go through so many hands before it’s delivery.

Isn’t it more safe to address it in English?