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Avram in MD


Boys will be boys.

Indeed. Which is why, despite the fact that making an effort to collect tzedaka for someone needy is a tremendously meritorious act (and despite the straw man you and Joseph are putting forth, I doubt The little I know, Syag Lchochma, et al. disagree with that at all), it’s probably not a good idea to have unsupervised boys go into a shul or beis medrash during davening. And to be very clear: I’m not even implying that any organization is encouraging boys to go into shuls. But if it’s a known problem, the organizations leading the tzedaka fund have an obligation to properly instruct the boys where not to go.

The fact that they act a certain way does not mean their rabbeim / yeshivos told them to do so (this may come as a shock to you…).

Certainly not, but fairly or unfairly so, the behavior of children while “on duty” for an institution can result in a favorable or unfavorable impression of the institution. Therefore, the boys should be instructed and supervised.

And why the parenthetical snark?

Maybe yeshivos should REITERATE to be more respectful

It seems like you agree with the OP here.

but we’re talking about children they’re not mechuyav in mitzvos for a reason.

That does not mean we turn the other way if a child does something wrong.