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Patur Aval Assur

Majority/minority of published teshuvos/positions is irrelevant.

So why did your posek tell you that you cannot rely on the minority shitos?

Additionally, you haven’t addressed the last sentence in my first paragraph.

Based on your posts you obviously feel that the Shulchan Aruch/Rema/Mishna Berura have more weight than other poskim. So what’s your ????? Just follow the Rema’s opinion upon which the Mishna Berura says ??? ???? ?????.

For purposes of this discussion, let’s say the shittos requiring you to be drunk enough to be considered driving under the influence of alcohol

When you say “under the influence” I assume you mean legally – there is a range which is considered “driving impaired” yet has not yet reached the legal limit. Anyway, the legal limit is .08 BAC. For an average size man that would be somewhere around 4-5 drinks. For most people that is probably ???? ??????. It is certainly enough to be ????? ??? ?????. Is it enough to mix up gematrias/stanzas/greatness of salvations etc.? I don’t know. Is it enough to be ????? ?????? ??????? No.