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Lilmod Ulelamaid

“Joseph, unless you’ve person send on a cruise,you can’t declare something treif based on hearsay.”

I think he was just responding to what Meno and Ct Lawyter said. He originally asked the question without making any assumptions.

“Shmiras ynayim is a problem anywhere”

1. It is worse in some places than in others and a person is OBLIGATED according to halacha to avoid the worse places if he can.

2. There are places in the world (albeit not too many) where one can avoid shmiras ainayim issues (such as your home, the Beis Medrash, etc.). From what I understand of the halacha, one is not allowed to go ANYWHERE where there are shmiras ainayim issues unless he has to.

Granted, the exact definition of “unless he has to” is probably somewhat subjective, and I’m sure there are many people who need occasional vacations, but you should still think very carefully about your vacation options, and see if you can find an option that won’t present shmiras ainayim issues (or the minimal possible).