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It’s more than just dumping waste into the ocean, as if waste doesn’t have an effect.

Waste in general is not holy. We cannot pray in a bathroom. There are laws against praying in the whiff of flatuation.

Are there not laws against having toxic fumes drift into Jerusalem?

We have laws to protect animals from harm and suffering. Don’t we? The ocean is the habitat, the home, of so many animals. The ocean is a mikvah.

One may never see the waste in the ocean, but it can become him. That sounds crazy but it isn’t. Pollutants get absorbed in the muscle fibers of fish. With bio-accumulation, where the pollutants are greater in density in a higher ranking fish than a lower ranking one, someone’s Rosh Hashana fish may speak for itself. We don’t need to see anything. The fish or food that one is eating is used to build the cells of one’s body. Kashrut is beyond skin deep.

We are not living in a perfect world, nor are we meant to. Nevertheless, that does not exempt us from being socially and environmentally proactive. Does it?