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It sounds like we both know people of similar backgrounds then, and it’s understandable why some people should not date some of them. But just because people come from different backgrounds, or have a different understanding of life doesn’t mean they can’t date, opposites attract, and differences provide a needed balance in any marriage, that’s part of the blessing of marriage. I don’t think people understand that his experience in other areas of life is a pro, not a con. It gives him a deeper understanding of what life is about, he’s ‘been there done that’ and realizes what’s true in the world and what the proper things in life are, and actually believes in them, as evidenced by him coming back. Whereas many people his age with an always-frum background never had that exposure, and quite possibly (or even probably), don’t have his appreciation for God, religion, and Judaism, because they never knew anyone else. Sure, if people only see this as a con, they will criticize, but if they look at both sides of the issue, they’ll see why almost any girl would be lucky to have him.