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Just to make it clear, in case Joseph didn’t already, for those in Yerushalayim or in a place where there was known to be (or a question of whether there was) a wall during the times of Yehoshua, then Purim is on 15 Adar, not 14 like the rest of the world. If you sleep or spend most of the night in one of those cities, the best known of which is Yerushalayim, then you have Purim on 15 Adar and have all of the chiyuvim of Purim, including Megillah, seudah, mishloach manos, and matanos la’evyonim. This is all regardless of where you spent the night of 14 Adar. You may very well have been in Bnei Brak or some other city outside of Yerushalayim and had Purim there already, so now you have 2 Purims. This is, of course, unusual, but many people travel back and forth between these cities to enjoy the lebedikeit on Purim on both days. We had Purim yesterday (Sunday) where I live and today I hope to travel to Yerushalayim with my family to visit friends who have Purim today. We will not have the chiyuvim like they do, but want to enjoy the freilachkeit.

Hope you all had (or have) a wonderful and happy Purim.