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i read this one recently: it was written by a girl, so it’s got only her side !!

guy & girl are on a date, they have absolutely nothing in common!!! the girl is 19 straight out of seminary & the guys just really not her type!!! they’re on their first date & for some reason he takes her out to a manhattan resturaunt!!! she orders some kind of chicken that came along with vegetables, he orders a salad!!! the food comes & they start eating!!! he notices that she’s not touching her veggies & says EAT your veggies!!! he said it real harshly, she says i hate string beans!!! he says EAT your veggies again!!! she repeats again, i hate string beans!!! he then responds we’re not leaving here till you eat your veggies!!! she’s terrified & just sits there quietly eating her string beans!!!

the meals ends and they head to his car, she’s thrilled she’s going home!!! he starts driving, & she sees that their not heading towards home!!! then he says we’re going to the empire state building, she keeps quiet being a new dater-only 19!!! they get to the empire state building observatory & a photographer sees them and says he”ll take their photo-you can even buy it later!!! she ignores the photographer & looks in the other direction!!! he’s all excited & says lets take a picture, so we could show it to our kids!!!!! they take the photo & later he goes and buys her an 8×10 copy of the picture before leaving!!!

they leave & head to his car, get inside, then he starts reclining his set all the way back & says he needs close his eyes for just 10min!!! he’s in shock, but says nothing!!! after 10min he gets up, puts keys in ignition & starts driving!!! they drive home in silence!!!

he drops her home and she runs to her room crying!!!!!!

no they did not get married(like i even had to say that??!!!)