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A friend of mine took out a girl who was visiting NY. She was British and had arrived to NY only two days earlier. When my friend picked her up as they got out of the house she was staying by it was raining and the girl didnt have an umbrella and she decided to quickly run to the car so as not to mess up her makeup. My friend was quite surprised when the girl out of habit got into the car on the drivers side.(In england passenger side)After a few seconds of standing outside the car my friend politely asked if he could help her, the girl suddenly realized what she had done. they both laughed it off and had a fine date no they are not married. I subsequently found out from a British girl that it once almost happened to her but she stopped herself and quickly went around the car. In the same vain a friend of mine married a girl from england. When he went to visit for the first time he was mortified as he almost walked into oncoming traffic three times during his first week when out with the kalla’s family(BTW a high number of American tourists are injured/killed this way)