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Dr. Pepper

He also told me another story (similar to Ms. Ex-vegetarians-ex ) but I’ll have to post it later when I have more time.

Here’s the story:

Guy is form Florida, girl is from Montreal. The girl has a wedding in New York so they decide to go out from there. The Shadchan asks them both to commit to two dates because of the expense of the flights.

Guy flies to New York, rents a car and goes to Flatbush to pick up the girl for the date. Here’s how the conversation starts:

Guy- Nice to meet you how was your trip?

Girl- Good, thanks, and by the way I need to be dropped of in Monsey after the date.

Guy- Uh, that’s going to be a problem since I don’t know how to get there and I have to return the car in four or five hours.

Girl- Well it’s the guys responsibility to drop off the girl where ever she wants to be dropped off.

Guy- I’m going to disagree with you on that. I think that the guys responsibility is to drop the girl off where he picked her up unless there is a prior arrangement made that was agreed upon.

Girl- Well, I really need to get to Monsey after the date and if you don’t take me I’ll have no way of getting there.

Guy- If you get directions and someone to pick you up halfway I’ll be glad to take you there.

So he spends the next hour or so in the car while she calls friends and relatives until she finds someone who is willing to pick her up from the gas station at the beginning of the Palisades, right off the George Washington Bridge. He drives her there, waits with her until her ride shows up and wishes her a good night.

He then calls the Shadchan and tells her what happened. The Shadchan sided with the girl explaining that she had another date in Monsey right after him and that’s why she needed to be there so urgently. The guy asks the Shadchan to tell the girl that it’s over but she reminds him that he committed to two dates and he must take her out again.

The whole next day he’s waiting to hear from the Shadchan when to take her out but the Shadchan hasn’t heard from the girl. After doing a little research he finds out that the wedding the girl was going to that night is at Terrace on the Park. Being that it’s on the way back to the airport he thought he’ll stop off there, find her, find out what the story is and change his flight if necessary. Otherwise he’ll just take a taxi to the airport.

He comes to the wedding during the chupa looks around to find the girl and decides to approach her after the chupa.

The chupa is over, the girl and her friends done walking the kallah to the yichud room, and he goes over to her and calls her name. She turns around, recognizes him, let’s out a scream and tries to run away. The only problem is that in Terrace on the Park there’s nowhere to run, you can’t run down the steps you have to wait until an elevator operator takes you down in an elevator.

He meets up with her again by the elevator and asks to speak with her. She justifies her actions by saying that if she flew in from Montreal it’s understood that she is going to be dating more than one person. He disagrees with her again and says that if he flies from Florida, rents a car, and pays for the expenses on the date (while he is not simultaneously dating someone else) then he should not have to compete with another guy.

He’s not in the mood of discussing this any further so he asks if he could please take a taxi to catch his flight. She readily agrees.

The next day the Shadchan calls him and says that the reason why the girl didn’t want to keep her commitment for a second date was because he left her off by a gas station after the first date.