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Dr. Pepper

This guy I know thought of a great idea for a date and spent a few weeks planning it and setting it up. Comes Chol Hamoed Succos and everything is ready except that he has no one to go out with. He calls some shadchamnim explaining that he really needs a date quickly. Finally he gets one.

He takes the girl to an open park where they allow visitors to drive and park on the grass. He takes her for a walk then says, “Are you hungry? I brought bagels and cream cheese, let’s go have a picnic”. She says that it’s a great idea. As they approach the car he says, “Oh, but it’s Succos, what should I do?”.

“OMG, I didn’t think of that!”

“Good thing I did” he exclaimed.

He then popped open the trunk and out jumps a portable succah, unfolding by itself and landing right in front of them. He then unfolded two golf chairs (they each had armrests and a pocket for drinks), he throws on the sechach and they had their picnic.

(They did not marry each other.)