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ready now

“how can I gain Emunah ”

Well if seminary did not teach that! Seminary is not the real world.

Can you get “Faith and Trust” by Rabbi Shemuel Houminer
Page 27 for just one of many examples ” Remain hopeful”
This book is THE greatest, can really lift a person up, just read and re-read.
Just nearly 200 pages, but all in short snippets, so great really.

Your connection to Hashem is unique, forget everything else!
In any case , everything is pre-determined!(still we have to try) and we have free will, so relax, plan what to do next, but don’t get frustrated with any disappointments, as they were not meant for you, that is the emunah, knowing with absolute certainty that things that are delayed or do not turn up are wrong for you not meant for you and that Hashem will do what is good for you and only you.