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sure they don’t like each other, cause chabad believes they are the 1st & only ones worldwide doing kiruv all over in every tiny town while in truth Breslov also does kiruv just in a different way-through chizuk stories of kiruv with rav nachman & other ways etc…

chabad also hates all the fame of breslov in uman for yomim noraim & wish chabad can get the same popularity & fame for their living rebbe forever

no i’m not breslov or Chabad, neither do i have any Rebba when i need help i go & call straight to Hashem from my heart. karov Hashem lchol….. as the mussar seforim say, when you depend on 2 things i.e. Hashem & a rebba also then you lose both, so who do you choose can help you more Hashem the ruler of all worlds or a Rebba? decide on your own & let Hashem know, he loves you & is waiting for you to call out to him from your heart for ANYTHING you need help