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On August 2nd I posted about the delay in seeing a specialist experienced by my MIL. There was a FIVE MONTH wait to see a gerontologist. Her Blue Cross/ Blue Shield Medicare combination would not ok durable medical equipment until prescribed by the specialist. They had rejected orders from her Oncologist and Internist.
The EARLIEST appointment she could get was for September 25th.

Joseph asked if I could pay for the equipment from my own pocket while I was waiting for the approvals. The answer is that I went to our garage and brought in walker, wheelchair and commode that had belonged to my late mother. They were collapsible and we held on to them.

On August 16th while at Chemotheraphy, she was sent to the hospital for a week’s stay. She was released to a rehab facility and was there 23 days. Medicare and Blue Cross decided she was not making enough rehab progress to warrant the cost of care and we were give one night’s notice to bring her home. There were no private pay beds available.

MIL was brought home last Sunday morning and we arranged care in our home.

On Wednesday morning Sept. 20 the Gerontologists office called to cancel the appointment. He had decided to take a long weekend including Yuntif and we were told to call on the 26th to attempt to book a new appointment.

It didn’t matter……………………………
10:32 that night while our family was at the Rosh HaShanah dinner table, my wife and I and a private duty nurse were in my wonderful MIL’s room as she drew her last breath.

The levayah is this morning……………………..all of her family was already here for Yuntif anyway. This will be forever etched in our memories as the worst RH of our lives.