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There are no “elite” schools……only administrators who think their schools cater to the “elite”. Ask your friends where they send their children and what they think of the mesivta. Is dorming an option or do you want your children home every night? Is a strong Limudei Chol department important? My sons have attended yeshivos as diverse as Mesivta Rabbi Chaim Berlin, Yeshiva Chofetz Chayim (Queens), Meon Hatorah (AKA “Roosevelt” now in Monsey), Belle Harbor. Each of my sons was included on the decision. Some wanted to dorm; others didn’t. Some wanted a challenging Limudei Chol department; some not. If dorming is not an option, then Philly and Long Beach are not even in the realm.

Another question is whether your son’s elementary school has a mesivta. If yes and your child is finding success, why switch?