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i give you both A++++ on your examples but don’t fool yourselves. ask yourself are you looking forward to the weekly family restaurant date & each week count the days down towards it or is it a pleasure & mitzva to make your family happy? if your counting the days down then sure its a big mitzva but your not going for 100 percent spiritual mitzva reason there just is some ruchnius in it but your still counting down the days for that geshmacka steak or ice cream etc… & should not food yourself into thinking you went to make your family happy etc….

EVERY PLEASURE theres a way to turn it from gashmius to ruchnius & become a mitzva even though you are still enjoying it. yes even a rich business meeting in a fancy restaurant (where both pleasures of the food & the business is for you) can be changed over to ruchnius (ex. perhaps i can get to know this reform jew & invite him for shabbos & do kiruv or if not jewish focus on your middos & making a kiddush hashem even if no success in meeting at the end)