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Shopping613 🌠

I cannot speak for the USA, but I do know white shirts are of a great deal of importance in many places in Israel, it’s a part of society. If you live in Yerushalayim you have no way of being accepted into any school, in a colored shirt.

Ok, I never said I wanted to spefically live in Yerushalayim. I’m comfortable living in many different areas in Israel as long as thee’s people in the community whom share my hashkafa and values. I’m also looking to marry a bochur who doesn’t have any major issues with the chareidi world. No, you don’t have to agree with every part of it, but someone who understand it’s the bigger picture, is willing to sacrifice, and isn’t looking for fights…

And it’s funny how all the boys I meet that where colored shirts, are either not comfortable with it, not comfortable with people wearing white shirts, and lots of them still carry anger towards those people and the society in general.

So, if you find me someone wearing colored shirts who has worked out his anger issues with society, and knows we can only live in speicifc cities or neighborhoods, I’ll take a look.