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Neville ChaimBerlin

“I hate to use this analogy but just wondering if you were offered a job paying $200,000/year and where you were only allowed to wear solid black/blue/grey suits and white shirts, would you turn down the offer?”
No, because it’s not a halachic issue. I could see Chassidim answering differently, and I’m not about to insult them over it.

“Sorry mam but rov / majority does not apply to a mihag shtus”
I wonderful example of the tolerance and non-judgmental nature that oozes from the colored shirt community.

iac: I didn’t say “leftern” as an insult. If there’s a more fitting term that you’d prefer to use, then I would be happy to do so. The point is, the colored shirts represent a side of the community that isn’t MY community. I’m not about to dress in a way that will cause people to think I’m something that I’m not just because a few forum posters are offended by my outfit choice. If you thought you looked good in a shtreimel, would you wear one even though you aren’t Chassdishe knowing it would make everyone think you are?