Reply To: Brisk


When it comes to Brisk, we need to make Brisker chilukim and be me’ayein into the sugya. A few basic questions:
1. When one learns in the yeshiva but doesn’t go to shiur, is he a Brisker? Also, If you go to Brisk for a year but never have a rebbe long enough to be a rebbe muvhak, did Brisk really shaff a chalois lomdus for you, or was it just legabey shidduchim?
2. Reb Avraham Yehoshua shlit”a is the son of Reb Berel. also, it’s yadua he’s saying over his father’s teyrah. So why, if Reb Meshulam Dovid is the actual son of Reb Velverl, is the velt more machshiv Reb Avraham Yehoshua’s yeshiva? Bishlama when Reb Berel was alive, but now why? Is it a din in the actual yeshiva being better or is it a din in dimyoinois havelt?

Once we answer these questions, we’ll get a better understanding of Brisk and does it deserve the mystique.

I have heard both ways from 2 different people who went to Reb Avraham Yehoshua’s. So it could be it’s talui on the gavra, but it’s not a vadai. One person who went there was a big lamdan before he went, but told me it taught him how to read a piece of gemara and break it down. This person takke married a good shidduch after passing the shver’s farher. Another person who went there told me most people never go into shiur and learn there on their own. So oyb azoi it’s hard to see how Brisk would shaff a chalois to make them worth more on the shidduchim market.
I never did Brisk, but from reading through Reb Chaim and spending solid hours on it on nights and weekends in order to write my balabatish notes on it, I can testify that the hours spent have changed my way of looking at things. That’s just from a sefer without a rebbe.
zeittige shailos to be asked would be a bout the 3rd tier, Reb Tzvi’s and Reb Sholom Shechter, and what other yeshivas would be in that tier.

Ubber soif kol soif the ikker is lernen. If your yeshiva teaches you how to learn and to not varf tipshus, it’s a good yeshiva, whether or not it has the mystique and aura of Brisk.