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“Was the 20th century holocaust more of a tragedy than the destruction of the two Temples and the expulsion of the Jews from Eretz Yisrael?”

I don’t really feel comfortable answering that question. I’m not sure how to weigh which was “more of a tragedy”
Chazal tell us that in Kidushin that the a “positive element” of the churban, one worthy of a mizmor as opposed to a kinnah, as Rashi explains ” שאמר אסף שירה על שכילה הקב”ה חמתו בעצים ואבנים שבביתו ומתוך כך הותיר פליטה בישראל ”

Obviously though many were killed as well, and I just dont know how to weigh “more of a tragedy” Is it weighed by number of Jews killed? percentages? does the way they were killed matter? I just don’t know

Luckily though determining which is “more of a tragedy” has absolutely no bearing on this discussion. Nobody here suggested replacing Tisha ba’av with Yom hashoa