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Neville ChaimBerlin

“you obviosuly missed my point, When you wag the finger at someone , Be careful they can wag it back at you”
How does this make sense in your head? Do you think I personally am one of the people mentioned in that article?

You talk like the non-modern crowd is all one giant connected conspiracy thinking with a unified brain. I am not guilty for something a random guy in Lakewood does. This thread is a region-based discussion, not community-based. If you thought moving to Lakewood would cause a guy to fall into the temptation to commit welfare fraud, then warn him by all means. However, that is not the subject of this thread. You are welcome to make a thread about those problems in Lakewood, but this is about the Five Towns.

Sorry if it takes me a while to post again. I’m going to be away at the Protocols of the Elders of Chareidim meeting.